Baby High Chair
Multi-functional baby high chair
Baby Bathtub
Animal Character Baby Bathtub
Luge Cart
Luge style down hill cart for resort
Industrial Carriage for SEC
Industrial carriage for delivery of chemical bottle.
Cosmetic Travel Kit
Men's life style cosmetic brand 'MIP' travel kit box
MIP Cosmetic Box
Men's life style cosmetic brand 'MIP' tool box style package box including plastic mirror and PU sponge
Bontoy Traveller
Ride on toy for kids. Ride on, pull along and storage
IoT Lecture Recording System
IoT Lecture Recording System
Treadmill for commercial fitness
Design, engineering design, molding and OEM production
Smart Handle Ass'y for AP1 Project
Smart handle and console design for exercise bike. Game controller, display with LCD and smart indicators.
AP1 Project
Upright type exercise bike for interactive communication system between exercise equipment and mobile services and contents. Premium design with carbon body cover
Exergame Joystick
Fully development of joystick controller for exergame fitness equipment
Instrument panel
Digital instrument panel for electric motorcycle
Exercise bike
Fully development of small size exercise bike for home fitness
Exercise bike console
Fully development of exercise bike console box including digital display and joystick
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Works Portfolio


Consumer Goods and Electronics Industry

Automotive Industry - (1) Electric Vehicle

Low speed electric passenger vehicle
Fully development of low speed electric passenger vehicle. Space body frame and plastic body trims.
Electric scooter
Fully development of urban style electric scooter. 60kph of top speed and certification of EU.
unmanned electric vehicle
Unmanned electric vehicle based on vision sensing technology.
Urban style electric vehicle
Electric vehicle development from concept design to prototyping. 4 seats, 100kph of top speed.
Urban style electric vehicle
2 seats passenger electric vehicle. Conceptual design and fabrication of mockup.
6X6 unmanned electric vehicle
Military purpose unmanned electric vehicle. 6X6 drive, Off-road and rotation of 360degree.
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Automotive Industry - (2) Chassis and Powertrain

Electric vehicle powertrain module
Electric vehicle powertrain module including motor, gearbox and controller.
Wheel hub gearbox ass'y
Wheel hub gearbox assembly for military purpose heavy duty vehicle
Hydraulic CVT
Hydraulic continuous variable transmission for heavy duty vehicle
Transmission for electric vehicle
2 speed transmission for low speed electric vehicle including parking brake
Body frame for electric vehicle
Development of hybrid body frame for electric vehicle with steel and aluminum
Brake and suspension ass'y
Front brake and suspension assembly for passenger vehicle
Electronic limited slip differential
Electronic controller limited slip differential for passenger vehicle
Automated manual transmission
Fully development of automated manual transmission for passenger vehicle.
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Renewable Energy Industry

Pitch gearbox for wind turbine
3 stages of planetary pitch and yaw gearbox for wind turbine generator
Wind turbine bearing test equipment
Performance and durability test equipment for wind turbine pitch and yaw bearings
Slewing bearing for wind turbine
Pitch and yaw bearing for wind turbine generators. Up to 3MW and 8point contact ball bearing.
Gearbox testing equipment
Test equipment for wind turbine gearbox
Bearing FE analyssis
Contact stress finite element analysis for ball bearing
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